Currently exploring the rock record for slow earthquake signatures.

Structural Geology | Microtectonics | Rheology

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About Me (pronouns: she/they)
an image alt text I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, at McGill University. I study how earthquakes form and the way they transfer energy to the surface by examining the rock record of ancient earthquakes. I am working at Angel Island, California to unravel the rock signatures and mechanics of deep tremor and slow slip in subduction zones.

I am interested in science communication and science policy. I volunteer with the Science and Policy Exchange, a student-led not profit organization that works with students and leaders across industry, academia, and government to champion for science policy. I am a graduate student member of my department’s Equity-Diversity-Inclusion Committee. As a minority in geosciences, I am passionate about decolonizing geosciences and increasing representation from historically marginalized communities in geosciences and STEM. I am a science writing fellow for Temblor Earthquake News and have previously created content for the Redpath Museum of Natural History, Montreal. For more details, check out the Outreach page.

Before I started my PhD, I got my BSc in Geology from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai in 2016 and my MSc in Applied Geology and PG Diploma in Earth Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2018-2019. I was a SN Bose Scholar 2017 where I got the opportunity to work with Dr Gautam Mitra at the University of Rochester, New York-USA.