Science Communication

Temblor Earthquake News Palomar Science Writing Fellow

I joined the externship at Temblor Earthquake News in June 2021 and graduated as a freelance science writer in December 2021. As one of the externs, I wrote news release articles for recently published papers or recent geohazard events. Some of my tasks include interviewing primary and secondary sources for the article, drafting the outline for the news release and working with the expert editors of Temblor before publishing and sharing it across social media and on the Temblor News websites. I am currently associated with Temblor Earthquake News as the Palomar Science Writing Fellow.

My authored articles for Temblor can be found here.

Blog Editor of Geoblog, Earth & Planetary Sciecnces Departmental Blog, McGill University

As the founding editor for the blog, I worked and coordinated with other members of my department to develop articles on various topics pertaining to the department. Since the blog’s launch in February 2021, we were able to publish seven articles featuring graduate student profiles, conversations about EDI with faculty members and several other articles relating to departmental events and outreach activities. My tasks involved scheduling articles, editing, proofreading, coordinating with the authors of the article, scheduling interviews, and publicizing on social media. We also collaborated with other McGill offices and international organizations to develop articles with broader audiences.

To access the blog, click here.

Virtual Fossils Tour around downtown Montreal, Canada

This field trip guide was developed with support from the Redpath Museum of Natural History, Canada and the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Canada. This virtual field trip guide takes the viewers through seven locations within the downtown area of Montreal and highlights the fossils embedded within the building stones of some historic buildings in Montreal. This trip was aimed for the general audience and was launched during McGill’s Homecoming Weekend 2020. The interactive ArcGIS Story Maps platform is supported on all devices, making this whole field guide more accessible. The guide is available in French and English. Media coverage for this event can be found here and here.

To access the guide, click here.

Metro @ Monteregie virtual geological field trip guide: Building stones of Montreal, Canada

This project was developed in collaboration with the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University, Canada and the Redpath Museum of Natural History, Canada. This project consists of a set of virtual field trip guides, hosted on Google Earth platform. I was responsible for developing the Building Stones of Montreal, Canada guide, available in French and English. This trip is tuned towards geoscience enthusiasts at undergrad and/or CEGEP/High School level. The eleven locations of this trip spotlights different rock types used to construct the buildings, the quarries that supplied these rocks and how these stones shaped the architecture of this city. Each location features a short explanatory text, aided with videos of geoscientists explaining the geology of the building stones. I was responsible for developing the content of this field trip with media contribution from McGill’s media team. This trip is supported on all devices, making this field guide more accessible. Other trips included in this project are: Kaleidoscope of research on Mont Saint Hilaire, Canada and Geology of Mont Royal.

To access the trips, click here. Here is a blog post about this project.

an image alt text Looking at the marble facade at the Museum of Beaux Arts, Montreal!

Written on August 16, 2021