Science Policy

Volunteer at Science and Policy Exchange, Montreal, Canada

As a volunteer for Science and Policy Exchange (SPE): a student-led non-profit organization dedicated to science policy, I have worked with teams to draft policy reports, moderate policy discussion panels, and conduct fundraise efforts for various SPE events. Some of the articles I have been involved with are listed here and here.

EDI Committee Graduate Student Member at Earth & Planetary Sciences (EPS) and Faculty of Science, McGill University

I joined the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) Committee of my department in June 2020. Since then, I have been working with my fellow committee members to develop policies, resources and events to ensure a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment in our department. We initiated student-run events like “Culture Chats” where our international students shared their home country’s culture and their academic journey thus far. I worked with the Committee to develop and launch the departmental blog, Geoblog to showcase the diversity of our department. I also curated a list of support resources for the student members of our department which is now listed as a webpage on the departmental website.

I authored an article on Culture Chats for the Office of Science Education’s blog that can be found here.

To access the Geoblog, click here. To access the support resource webpage, click here.

Unlearning Racism in Geosciences (URGE) EPS Pod Task Force Member

URGE is an NSF-Funded international discussion group where over a 16-week session, geoscientists from various Universities discussed, read, and created actionable deliverables to address issues of racism and lack of diversity in the Geosciences. I was a member of the McGill Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Pod. Over the 16 weeks we learned about various topics including history of racism, environmental racism and justice, equity in admissions, racial trauma to name a few. Our further plans include integrating the deliverables developed during URGE to departmental level policy. In that regard, I authored the “Montreal Survival Guide”, a resource guide with useful tips and tricks for surviving and finding community in the city of Montreal. This document was shared with the new members as part of the new, more supportive and inclusive onboarding process in our department. As part of the program, I developed a Crisis Resource flowchart that provides our department members with a toolkit to be used during crisis situations.

Written on August 16, 2021