Writing Portfolio

Temblor Earthquake News Science Writer

  1. Cleanup on the disaster aisle
  2. Wasatch corridor in Utah prone to big quakes and shakes
  3. Harnessing citizen science helps develop efficient earthquake early warning
  4. Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes near San Jose, California
  5. Tie Rods aren’t just pretty facade. Here’s how they help earthquake proof Charleston
  6. On the lookout for unique quakes in Oklahoma
  7. Slow earthquakes rumble through the Pacific Northwest
  8. Mexico City’s urban noise reveals the sinking metropolis’ changing seismic hazard
  9. Engaging communities with Canada’s early earthquake warning system
  10. First written records of earthquakes in ancient Mesoamerica reported
  11. Can smartphones affixed to buildings detect earthquakes
  12. Scientists unravel India’s 2021 Chamoli disaster

Science Policy Brief and Report Writer

  1. Drug Policies in Canada: Towards decriminalization and legalization
  2. EDI in Action: Best Practices and Future Directions
  3. Earthquakes in Montreal? No way

Other Writing

  1. Celebrating Science Odyssey with some SMOrES by Kristyn Rodzinyak and Meghomita Das, for Geoblog.
  2. Conversations with Prof Christie Rowe, faculty feature interview by Margaret Whelan, Debarati Das, and Meghomita Das, for Geoblog.
  3. Conversations with Prof Olivia Jensen, faculty feature interview by Margaret Whelan and Meghomita Das, for Geoblog.
  4. What it feels like to be queer in the Earth Sciences by Jessica Salas and Meghomita Das, for Geoblog.
  5. Divided by geography, yet united by the same love for rocks by Meghomita Das, for Office of Science Education Blog, McGill University
  6. Robibarer Jolkhabarer Golpo: Sunday Breakfast Story
Written on November 14, 2022